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sew in weaving winston salem

We specialize in sew-ins, quickweaves, crochets & ponytails, and more with extremely fast and friendly service!sew in weaving winston salem

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All of our professional stylists are state-licensed and certified. Book an appointment with one today!

Stylist Crissy at The Weave Shop - Sew In Weaving Winston Salem


Crissy is a well-known Weaveologist in Winston-Salem, NC with over 300+ clients and has been a part of the beauty industry for 10+ years and has always had an admiring love and passion for it.

Stylist Artisha at The Weave Shop - Sew In Weaving Winston Salem


Artisha has been doing hair since she was 11 and has had a drive and passion for it ever since. Her main focus is to make people smile and feel confident, and she enjoys every minute of it!

Stylist TeKara at The Weave Shop - Sew In Weaving Winston Salem


Tekara has had a passion for hair since she was young. She started braiding everyone’s hair in middle school and continues to take pride in her work today, doing braids, quickweaves, sew-ins and crochets.

Stylist Robin at The Weave Shop - Sew In Weaving Winston Salem


Robin has 29 yrs of experience in weaving, wig making, quick weaves, & crochets. She specializes in install- ments with 3 way, ear to ear, 360, and custom closures. She offers pro- fessional, fast service in 2 hrs or less!

Stylist Melyssa at The Weave Shop - Sew In Weaving Winston Salem


Melyssa has been doing hair since she was 10 and always had a passion for creative hair. She styles hair, with the focus on keeping the hair healthy and strong. Her specialty is cuts, color, and natural hair.

Stylist Tamieka at The Weave Shop - Sew In Weaving Winston Salem


Tamieka is a licensed natural hair stylist and instructor. Her goal is to enhance your natural beauty while maintaining and promoting the actual health of the hair. She specializes in all natural styles (comb coils, twist outs, bantu knots, etc), crochet (including caps) and braided styles.

Stylist Paris Johnson at The Weave Shop - Sew In Weaving Winston Salem

Paris J.

Paris is dedicated to creativity and professionalism in her work, and offers many services. She is also a certified hair extension specialist. Her areas of specialty include cutting techniques with razor texturing, coloring, sew-ins, lacefront wigs and lashes installation.

Stylist Lakesha Hayes at The Weave Shop - Sew In Weaving Winston Salem

Lakesha H.

Lakesha has been doing hair since she was 13 and is a licensed natural hair care specialist. She offers services in crochet styles, braids, dread/faux locs, quick weaves and sew-ins. She loves working with kids and making her clients beautiful, but her passion is healthy hair.

Our Customers Love Us!

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by Alisa Crawford on The Weave Shop
Quick Weave

I love her , she really made my confidence go threw the roof ! She did an outstanding job ! I will be back for more .

by Jeannine callahan on Robin Stover
Sew in

I love every hair style i have had done by robin, and i get the most compliments.

by Chelsea on The Weave Shop
Closure touch up

Great services!

by Melody on Robin Stover
Hair consultation

I need my ends clipped a style for naturally curly hair and what to use on my hair to wear str8 even during rainy humid days.

by Raven on TeKara Williams

She was very professional and she got my style to look exactly like the picture. She was very patient and knowledgeable and I will be seeing her again in two weeks.She is very awesome and talented.

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